Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dinner Equation

sweet potato casserole




proposed contract


very entertaining dinner

 and eventually a clean(ish) plate

This is not the first offense of Jordan's picky taste buds. Papaya and now sweet potato casserole. They bickered over the contract conditions, only for Jordan to respond, " I am going to need a lot of water!" After emptying every glass on the table, mixing the sweet potato mush with peas and jell-o and drenching in ranch dressing Jordan choked it down. Brandon stood by as her personal eating cheerleader complete with encouraging words and gagging with every bite.

Due to technical difficulties a video of this will not be provided. 


Brandon and Emily said...

For the record, the casserole was a lot better this time.

Jan and Laura Koontz said...

My question...why did she think it would taste better with Ranch dressing??!!! separately - good; together - YUCK!

Rachel said...

This doesn't surprise me even a little. This is the girl that only eats hot dogs and ice cream voluntarily.