Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This one is for you Rach!

Aren't you excited for the future?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Did you know...

Here are some interesting facts that I have encountered throughout this semester:

4 years olds on average ask over 400 questions a day.
1 in 4 births are Caesarian.
The US has the highest infant mortality rate in the world.
by age 65, an average person will have watched 9 years of television, and seen 8,000 murders.
There are more Televisions in the US than there are toilets.
60% of adolescents, ages 2-18, have 3 or more televisions in the home.
32% of children, ages 2-7, have a television in their bedroom.
65% of children, ages 8-18, have a television in their bedroom.
Power Rangers is the most violent show, with 211 acts of violence per hour.
Men are more scared of their boys becoming homosexual than they are of nuclear war.
The divorce rate for temple marriages is 15%.
Paul Boyer, the man who discovered how ATP synthase works, did his undergraduate at BYU.
Urea is a solid.
Birds don't form Urea, they form Uric Acid, because it isn't a solid.
Skin Cancer happens when T base pairs right next to each other covalently bond to each other.
Melchezideik was the only other person than Christ that earned the title of "Prince of Peace," Because he was the leader of Salem, which means "Peace."
It was legal to kill mormons in Missouri until 1973.
Jews with the last name Cohen are allowed to hold a higher priesthood than any other Jew, just because they are related to, or of the lineage of Aaron.
Ainu, a tribe in Japan, look taller/paler/hairier than other Japanese, and are not descendants of the tribe of Israel, they are direct descendants of Jacob.
Lucifer means "light caster" and Satan means "accuser".
There are 4 times more RNs than there are MDs in the US.
RNs constitute the largest healthcare profession.
The average Nurse is a white, female, 45-50 years old.

I bet you learned something new today. I know I learned a lot this semester!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

endocrinology and the reproductive system

I am in the library, ready to be at home in my bed.
I am studying about endocrinology and the reproductive system, wishing I wasn't.

even though I get to look at pictures like these and understand why they happen:
(NOTE: not for weak stomached readers)
(don't worry, I will spare you the reproductive disorder pictures)

I have even asked somebody to change my facebook password, hoping it will help me to focus.

Though, I have still found other ways to distract myself from studying, including:

looking at all the rows of pretty colored books
eavesdropping on other people's conversations
thinking of things to do over the summer
emily and brandon's blog
people watching
google reader
iphoto albums

So, if you find something really interesting and want to send it to me, for me to look at, please don't.
I should be studying right now.

Bio-Organic Chemistry
Human Development
(and I guess Doctrine and Covenants)

one more hour, then I will go home.
and sleep.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Googles of Shame

Allergy season has come and hit Mom hard. To prevent her from rubbing her eyes Dad came up with Mom's "cone of shame."