Friday, December 18, 2009

finals are over!

i am so glad that i am not in this:

last winter the line stretched from the testing center, past the JSB, past the benson and the Eyring science center, and towards the widtsoe.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

this is why...

...i love video chats with sisters.

Meena's Face

Monday, December 7, 2009

a word of caution: watch for ice.

late last week i looked at my weather widget. it said that it was going to snow later that week. that entire week it was freezing cold, but there were crystal blue skies. i didn't believe the said widget. even saturday the skies were perfectly clear. but alas, it started snowing sunday morning, or maybe the night before. trust your weather widgets. they never lie. there is so much snow outside. there is a good five inches on the ground, if not more. the sidewalks are slick, and the floors inside the buildings are even more. last year i didn't fall once during the season of slipping and bruises on your hips. of course, there were a couple close calls; times where i had no control over where or what my body was doing. arms flailing, legs...flailing, and even subtle cries of fear escaped my mouth. in the end, i always corrected these strange movements; i attribute this to my ice skating class and the many hard falls i took on that skating rink (but it being ice skating, you are expected to fall, whereas outside, walking to campus: that is just pure humiliation). anyways, having stated that i haven't fallen yet, i fully expect to have jinxed myself. i feel like it is coming for me. i think it is going to be a big one. involving many people watching me...say maybe the JFSB quad or brigham square? as i sit here in the library, waiting for my next class in the JKB, i fear that i am going to slip and fall on my way there. or maybe those random patches on campus that i see everybody walk through and their foot slides, and i wonder why they walk right through it rather than walk around that spot. or maybe on that hill that i have to go down on the way home (who's smart idea was it to put campus on a hill?). or maybe on the painted part of the sidewalk that always seems to be more slippery when it is wet/snowy...

i must be cautious. no slipping for me.

Saturday, December 5, 2009