Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hey Mom

Look what I did to my hair.

Homemade Raviolli

Jamie and I had been looking at cooking blogs for a long time one day in the library. Jamie and I thought we would be nice and make dinner for the roommates, friends, and some family one Sunday.

Jamie and I thought we would be reeeeeaaaaallly ambitious and make homemade ravioli. HOMEMADE RAVIOLI. Without a noodle press.

All in all, dinner turned out pretty well. We had a butternut squash bisque and breadsticks (thanks Katie), followed by mushroom, sage raviolis and a sausage and parmesan pasta. Yum.

...wish we had photos of the completed project, or the friends we shared it with. Alas, after 4 hours of frantic cooking, we weren't ready to do anything but eat.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vegas Baby

Last weekend Melissa and I went down to Vegas with the roomies, good ole' Beckster and The Hatchinator. It all started with a HORRIBLY long drive on Friday afternoon (Becky continued to tell me that it was 30-mins away while I sat carsick and moaning in the backseat...for 4 hours), but the rest of the trip was a nice 3-part adventure.

We started on The Strip. Why not? We walked up and down at an incredible rate so as to not be out too late--pretty sure it was record time. Bellagio fountains=our favorite. Obvs. We watched 5 shows and sat there for over an hour.

The next day: Hoover Dam. Huge dam. Bigger photo opportunity.

Dam Roomie Pic + One giant.

Dam Butt Pic.Dam Giddy Pic.Turns out Hoover Dam and I have the same b-day. Who would have thought? Party theme, anyone?

Lastly--the reason for the trip--the UNLV vs BYU football game. Our seats were AMAZING! Just a few rows from the 20 yard line. We could actually see the players and the ball. We love BYU football.

Ra Ra ra ra ra. Ra Ra ra ra ra. GOOOOO COUGARS!

Sorry Miss. You decided to blink in the only roomie shot of the night.

So long geology. It has been swell.

That pretty much captures it all.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last day of geology and Melissa and I can't wait!

Oh yeah?!

Emily frequently like to show off the fun times that her kids are having at museums and frolicking and basically having fun. Meanwhile, we are at school, doing boring things like learning and taking tests.

Well, Melissa and I would like to show you how we can have fun at museums, frolicking, and having fun as well.

So there.

Saturday, October 10, 2009