Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Homemade Raviolli

Jamie and I had been looking at cooking blogs for a long time one day in the library. Jamie and I thought we would be nice and make dinner for the roommates, friends, and some family one Sunday.

Jamie and I thought we would be reeeeeaaaaallly ambitious and make homemade ravioli. HOMEMADE RAVIOLI. Without a noodle press.

All in all, dinner turned out pretty well. We had a butternut squash bisque and breadsticks (thanks Katie), followed by mushroom, sage raviolis and a sausage and parmesan pasta. Yum.

...wish we had photos of the completed project, or the friends we shared it with. Alas, after 4 hours of frantic cooking, we weren't ready to do anything but eat.

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