Tuesday, April 13, 2010

endocrinology and the reproductive system

I am in the library, ready to be at home in my bed.
I am studying about endocrinology and the reproductive system, wishing I wasn't.

even though I get to look at pictures like these and understand why they happen:
(NOTE: not for weak stomached readers)
(don't worry, I will spare you the reproductive disorder pictures)

I have even asked somebody to change my facebook password, hoping it will help me to focus.

Though, I have still found other ways to distract myself from studying, including:

looking at all the rows of pretty colored books
eavesdropping on other people's conversations
thinking of things to do over the summer
emily and brandon's blog
people watching
google reader
iphoto albums

So, if you find something really interesting and want to send it to me, for me to look at, please don't.
I should be studying right now.

Bio-Organic Chemistry
Human Development
(and I guess Doctrine and Covenants)

one more hour, then I will go home.
and sleep.


Jordan said...

What is wrong with the top two?

melissa said...

well, the first one is type 1 diabetes mellitus, before they had discovered insulin (which helps to store fat), so the boy is super skinny, but after insulin, looks normal.

the second picture is of graves disease. she shows signs of exophthalmos (bulging eyes), and a goiter in her neck. she probably has a high metabolic rate, so it results in a low body weight, and she has poor heat tolerance.

do you want explanations for the other pictures?